In terms of weather, but the share of La Selva, is included as part of Catalonia on the Mediterranean bioclimatic area , the region presents a variety of microclimates due to his relief as contrasted . Thus, we find from a mountain climate to the Atlantic almost typical Mediterranean climate . Anyway, the wet weather allows the growth of rich vegetation. The forest covers 67.7 % of the area ( forestry has therefore been one of the pillars of historical activities in the region ) .


Santa Coloma is the capital of the region of La Selva, and is located in the middle of it, on the border between the plain and the mountains of Guilleríes .

It currently has 12,200 inhabitants. It is located at an altitude

142 meters above sea level , 24 km far from Girona , 90 km from Barcelona and 30 km from the Costa Brava, and offers a wide range of educational, cultural , medical , food and entertainment .

The municipality includes the town center , the neighborhoods of St. Pere Cercada , Castanyet , St. Miquel de Cladells Vall i Vallors and , more recently , residential area Residencial Santa Coloma . Santa Coloma enjoys a transitional relief : the town center to the east begins the plain of La Selva , while to the west are the foothills Guillerías with Santa Barbara, and the Serra del Corb . This semicircle of mountains are scattered hills , valleys , hills  a multitude of churches of great historical, artistic and religious well worth a visit.

Visiting Santa Coloma has some essential figures : Farners Square , with its ancient  trees and majestic crowned church. The old streets leaving the square offer some modernist facades, a mirror heyday Santa Coloma early twentieth century . Worth a walk through these streets that make up the shopping city center.Però certainly are around the city which define a center of rest : the Park of San Salvador , with its fountains, stream and walks or spa and leisure center Terms Orion thermal Magma .